Abhinavagupta Dham

Leányfalu, Hungary

This one is our youngest and at the same time time the most dynamiccally developing mission that began with the appearance of two vedic monks in Hungary who had arrived due to an order received from their Master. Each time more people gathered for their yoga, kirtan and philosphy classes in the beginning only in Budapest later on in other cities of the country as well. The general openness of the people to spirituality  favoured the building of appreciated relationships and as a result it made path for programs in collaborations. The fruitful relationship with the Indian Embassy of Hungary has facilitated in many ways the diffusion of the Dharma and Yoga. The core of the mission based in a small kutira (temple) in Budapest has moved to a larger residence in the countryside. What makes it so special is that it is the favourite home and residence of our Venerable Master. The closeness and the silence of the forest are very favourable for retreats, establishing calmness, health, performing studies, meditation and prayer. The main duty of the monks living here is to take care of the Venerable Master and his home or Guru Yoga, the extension of the sangha of the monks and non-monks, the expansion of the spiritual community and therefore the preservation and the transmission of the Vedic heritage that originates from the Master and goes to  the disciple.


Rishikes, India

In India our Vedic mission is represented by two ashramas. The Yogalaya Ashrama and the Yoga Matha in Rishikesh. The Tilak Mandir is an eye-catching temple with a wooden interior and uniquelly designed. The members of the mission are primarily dedicated to teaching Yoga and Dharma. The guests of the hotel belonging to Yogalaya Ashrama and visitors have the opportunity to participate in personalized programs, teachings, cultural programs and open-to-public religious celebrations, ceremonies or they can even decide to live for a shorter or a longer period with the monks experiencing more intensively the everyday life of ashram life inside the so-called „Monastic Experience” program. Yoga Matha is located in a more isolated area, it is a really romantic traditional Indian ashram. In it you can discover „the old Indian ashram”. Modern and traditional can be found in the same place. What truly make this place powerful are the ashes of Swami Tilak found here helping seekers with its spiritual power.


Granada and Madrid, Spain

In Granada and Madrid the main duty of Yoga and Dharma Academies is to help spiritual aspirants establish a life in Dharma. The preparation we receive here makes it possible for us to pick up more easily the rythm of the Indian and the Hungarian ashram where we may get to know more profoundly the teachings of Yoga and philosophy. The main concept therefore of the Yoga and Dharma Academies is the mastery of Dharmic, harmonic co-existence essential in our daily life and for our spiritual growth. The monks give daily classes of Vyayam and Hatha yoga, therapies, ayurvedic consultations, moreover they organize conferences and programs of uniquely familliar atmosphere in the respected company of our Venerable Master.


Abhinavagupta Dham, Leányfalu
Tel: +36 70 779 2135
Email: hungarysangha.vfs@gmail.com