Embracing Vedic Dharma


Vedic catechesis. An introduction to the Vedic dharma, religion and culture. At the end of the course, the participant can take an oral and written exam, in the case of which he / she can apply for admission to the Vedic religion, motivated by personal conviction.


  1. The sacrament and significance of paravartana.
    2-3. What does it mean to be Vedic?
    4. Differences between Vedic dharma and Hinduism. Differences between Vedic dharma and Mleksa dharma.
    5. The most important Vedic creeds today: smarta, shaiva, vaishnava, tantra.
    6-7. The canon of Vedic writings.
    8. The importance and pronunciation of the Sanskrit language.
    9. The Gayatri mantra.
    10. The meaning and use of yagnyopavita.
    11-12. Samskar Viddhis. The 16 Vedic Sacraments.
    13-14. The Vedic sadhachara.
    15. The most important Vedic holidays.
    16. Temples, Tirtas.
    17-18. Brahman, Ishvara, Bhagavan, Avatara.
    19. Yoga in the Vedic tradition.
    20. The significance of Parampara, the master-disciple relationship.
    21. The sacrament of Paravartana.
    22. The mission, practice and teaching of a Vedic in the sangha, in society.
    23. Upasana of Gayatri.
    24. Guru Arati.
    25. Havan, fire ceremony.


    Vedic samskara, a ceremony during which we gain initiation into the Vedic religion. Traditionally, we can recite the Vedas and the Gayatri mantra from then on.



    Dear acquaintances and unknown pathfinders!

    If you are interested in how someone will become a Advaita Vedic here in Hungary, where the main religious trends of almost the whole world are represented. Maybe I needed the mindset that waited 47 years to find the right voice. Vedic philosophy was not far from me, I read many books on the subject in Hungarian, and strange circumstances led me towards Vedic astrology, which I find captivating, and I became more interested in the mythical world of the Vedic gods. I worked abroad until 2015, when a mysterious voice called me home and I had no longer to stay. At home, in addition to my studies in Vedic astrology, I watched the Hungarian spiritual life with an open eye and heart. It so happened that I first heard on the Buddha FM radio about the Vedic Mission of Shankaratilaka Paramahamsa Swami, Vedic Mission Himalayas Hungary. At the time, I didn’t even think that the Upanayana Samskara initiation that was being conveyed would catch up with me in two years. The years of learning, the preparation for initiation, quickly flew away, while here in the ashram, fate brought together new friends and like-minded and life-minded people. The isolated environment and the proximity of nature make the center of the Hungarian mission such a unique place that it is a great pleasure to always come here, where the tranquility and the gentle, humane atmosphere of the Vedas surround it.

    At the time of my initiation, the sangha received me with great love and preparation at the end of August 2020. The strict order and beauty of thousands of years of rituals provide an immersive, lifelong experience. The super dense program of events initiates internal and external transformation, and by the end, I have become part of thousands of years of Hindu culture. The pictures speak for themselves, the direction of the Upanayana was done by Swami Advaya, blessed with tremendous knowledge and love, who has been following the path of dharma since he was 15 years old.

    I can recommend the Vedic initiation to anyone who is ripe for change. In the embrace of Dharma, we can look at the world from another dimension and live it. By recognizing ourselves, we can help ourselves and others. The harsh materialist approach that has pushed our world to the brink of disaster is causing suffering to millions of people. The only identification with the body and appearances resulted in a distorted self-knowledge and worldview. To return to the Self, in cooperation with nature, to preserve the original human values ​​is provided by the Vedic outlook on life.


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